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ASI5741 and ASI5744 are professional Low Profile PCI-Express sound cards designed for use. 24bit ADC and DAC with.

Great tool for signals monitoring (as oscilloscope), data acquisition and...ADS1015 ADS1015 12-Bit ADC DS I C Interface 2 Voltage Reference Oscillator SCL SDA ADDR ADS1013 AIN1 AIN0 12-Bit ADC DS I C Interface 2 Voltage Reference Oscillator.

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The Linux kernel in recent. E.g. the analog to digital converter on the Gertboard.Generic SPI Flash and enhanced SPI Driver. (112.65.

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I am interfacing ADE7758 to At91sam9261 spi interface. Linux 2.6.28 is running on my custom board.

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Hi all, I am interfacing LTC1861 to At91sam9263 spi interface. Linux 2.6.20 is running on my custom board.

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The SPI libraries have been slightly altered to make it so that the SPI Flash Driver and other SPI.This series adds support for Low-Power Timer that can be found on some STM32 devices.The Linux driver supports communication through the I2C bus and interfaces with various sub-systems.Battery charging (ADC) No battery charging - PMIC AMS (A53722) - -.

How can I read a TMP36 adc value over mcp3008 using this driver. linux-kernel raspberry-pi linux-device-driver.The driver has sysfs readings with runtime PM support for power saving.GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and.

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This example shows how to change the configurations for ADC and DAC using driver functions.

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The internal Analog to Digital converter supports 10 bits resolution.

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Summary of the driver changes and architecture-specific changes merged in the Linux kernel during the 4.5 development cycle.Interfacing an SPI ADC (MCP3008) chip to the Raspberry Pi. optimized ADC device driver. to write a Linux driver for a 6-bit 10MSPS ADC and use it in.

AVR32105: Master and Slave SPI Driver Features - Four chip selects with external decoder support allow communication with up to 15 peripherals.

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The ADC of the AVR » maxEmbedded

SAMA5D2: ADC driver backport from Linux Mainline SAMA5D2: add FIFO configuration for I2C. Based on 3.18 linux kernel Update atmel hlcdc driver to DRM driver.

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The Linux driver for the XADC initializes the XADC block by setting up the sampling. by the Xilinx ADC DMA driver using the DMA engine API.